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Eager. Optimistic. Easily distracted. Extrovert. Chipper. Leans-over-heavily-on-sarcasm. Late. Repentant-cynic. Friend. Tea-drinker. Philosopher. Giggler. Bad-at-dusting. Does-good-voices-at-storytime. God-chaser. I am mum to 3 boys, aged 10, 8 and 1. Married to Clynt. Before most recent baby, I was training in the NHS as a Child Psychotherapist. I hope to return to the training at some point. I am about to start working as a learning mentor in a primary school 2 days a week. I have been a youth worker, foster carer and a Mum at home. I am passionate about enabling children and young people to feel loved, heard and valued. I love to work with parents to enable them to realise how important they are to their children, and to help them make the links between their parenting and their own experiences in life. In my spare time I'm involved in the church where my husband works, I sing in a choir of funky ladies, I bake, read, never knit, drink good wine and laugh with friends.

A Letter to my children after the vote

So I’m sitting here on what should feel like a normal Friday in the middle of June, and I’m trying to form words about what has just happened to my homeland. Until the last couple of years, I haven’t been … Continue reading

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How teddy bears have turned my life upside down

I’m sitting alone in my house for the first time in 6 weeks. I’m drinking a cup of tea, and I’ve just watched this video which has reduced me to a snivelling wreck. I’m tired and overwhelmed, which may in … Continue reading

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On feeling disempowered…(but still a little bit shouty)

I am in the middle of an experience that is uncommon for me. It is a galling, raw sort of experience that renders me uncomfortable and ill at ease. It has been partly triggered by my husband’s potential impending redundancy, … Continue reading

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An Advent tale of two women…

It was one of the first winter evenings of biting cold when I noticed her. She was sitting on the pavement outside Sainsburys, arranging carrier bags of possessions around her feet, knees brought up to her chin, floral dress poking … Continue reading

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Cooking on sh*t

These last six months have been the hardest of my life, and when I say “hard”, I don’t mean “ever so slightly challenging”, I just mean HARD. Blood, sweat, tears, confusion, anxiety, grief, anger, frustration and real, raw, gut-wrenching pain. … Continue reading

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Life-lessons from my children

It began with Isaac: His name means “He laughs”, and we commented when he was a newborn, that in a way, it was the male version of “Joy”. He arrived at 5.42 on a Tuesday morning, and I scrutinized him … Continue reading

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God’s peace and “Home Bargains” car park…

You know those days when you wonder quite how you’re going to fit it all in? That. It was a couple of weeks ago, and I was in the throes of organising Moses’ 4th birthday party.  At the same time, … Continue reading

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